About castor seeds


Castor plant is a native of Africa but can grow in other tropical countries also.  In the tropical region castor bean becomes a small tree. In regions with lengthy growing seasons, it will reach 10 feet. The tree has hand shaped leaves are up to 3 feet wide. Each one 5-12 deeply cut lobes. The plant species is known as Ricinus Communis.  India stands 1st in area (8 lakh ha) and production (12.5 lakh tonnes) in the world. India is largest producer of castor seed and contributes about 64% of total global production.

Castor bean seeds are used for cultivation of castor plantations, extraction of quality castor oil from the seeds. The growing of hybrid castor seeds is slowing increasing due to good market prices for the seeds. It can protect burns and wounds from infection.

The land to be used for seed production of this purpose must be free from volunteer plants. Seed fields must be isolated from the contaminants impure varieties should be kept apart and commercial hybrid of the same variety. The purpose of the hybrid seeds is to get more output .These seeds will have multi disease resistance.