Hybrid Castor Seeds AGF-M

Brief Morphological & Genetic Description of Hybrid Castor AGF-M

Vigorous Plant Type, Medium tall and Mahogany Plant Color.
Plants having Triple Bloom proved sucking pest tolerance to castor crops
Elongated internodes on stems and divergent branching habit provide symmetrical plant growth
Branching initiation from basal leads to lodging tolerance.
Slightly cup shaped leaves with 9-11 lobes, Smooth Petiole surface
Non-hairy plants along with smooth petioles
Interspersed flowers on primary spike
Conical shape semi compact spike
Bold, semi-spiny and green capsules
A light chocolate, oval and medium bold seed,
100 seeds weight: 29-30 grams
50- 52 Days to 50 % flowering.
100 to 110 Days to maturity (first spike harvesting)
16-18 nodes to primary raceme
Plant height up to base of primary raceme: 75-85
Oil Content: Seed contains 50 to 51% Oil