About Us

AGF SEEDS a Division of ANCIENT GREENFIELDS PVT LTD with 10 years of experience in the Agriculture industry; we have grown from being the company in India to develop high productivity oil seeds, organic healthcare products. Aiming a clean green future & green products AGF SEEDS is engaged in production and marketing of high productivity seeds of oil crops. AGF has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by TUV NORD.
agf_castor Crop wise standards as per the National Standards for different quality parameters are fixed and stringent tests undertaken before releasing seed lots for marketing. Physical purity, Genetic purity, germination and genome testing ensures high quality of seeds. To maintain the sanctity of seed quality, we work with due emphasis on physical purity, seed health, germination, viability/vigor tests, genetic purity and trait purity as per ISTA standards.There are many factors that have contributed to AGF success. Our people are the pride of our organization. Be it technicians, agri experts, management or marketing professionals, they bring in with them, deep knowledge and vast industry expertise. Being a quality oriented company we breed, produce and market unbeatable quality hybrid oil seeds to suit varied growing conditions. The major emphasis of the breeding programs is on achieving the highest degrees of tolerance to multiple pest and diseases in addition to enhanced productivity.

AGF SEEDS has very strong hybrid/variety seed product base on the major oil crops such castor, mustard, sunflower, groundnut, sesame, cumin, moringa, pearl millet. The hybrids/varieties are characterized by their quality and high degree of tolerance to insect pests and diseases resulting in better quality crop and higher yields.

Our basic values are a belief in hard work and a belief that work is worship
We believe in delighting our customers/farmers
We believe in the creativity and innovative ability of our people
For us, quality is a deliverable
Our relationships are more important to us than our cash inflows
We believe in being simple and let our work speak for itself