Hybrid Castor Seeds AGF-27

Hybrid Castor AGF-27 Research

Brief Morphological & Genetic Description of Hybrid Castor AGF-27

Medium tall,vigorous plant type & green plant colour
Elongated internodes on stems and divergent branching habit provide symmetrical plant growth
Divergent branching pattern
Bold, semi-spincy and green capsules
Dark brown, medium bold seeds
100 seeds weight: 30 to 31 grams
55 Days to 50% flowering
105 to 110 Days to maturity (first spike harvesting)
Vigorous Plant Type, Medium tall and Mahogany Plant Color.
17-20 nodes to primary raceme
Plant height upto base of primary raceme; 70-80
Oil content: seed contains 49 to 50% Oil
agf-27_hybrid_castor_seeds agf-27_hybrid_castor_seeds1