Hybrid Castor Seeds

Showing most superiority advantages & fast spreading worldwide due to their adaptability to varied soil and climatic conditions
Grows well in the soil which is not fit for food crops
AGF hybrid castor is promising high revenue crop in rain fed area cultivation
Minimum rainfall of 300 mm, during growing period can obtain high yield
Highly tolerant against insects and diseases
Plant height up to primary stage*: 90 cm
Plant height after maturity*: 180 cm
Harvest starts from 115 Days
Oil content: seeds contains >50 % oil
Seed yielding potential*: 7000 kilograms per hectare.
4-6 pickings (harvest) in short crop period
Total crop period (from sowing to final harvest): Six to Seven months
Number of castor beans for each plant*: 2500
15 productive spikes for each plant*
Helps To reduce global warming
Deep rooted crop, resistant to drought
Note: Above mentioned all yield attributing traits is from intensive crop management, high inputs, favorable climatic and environmental conditions.