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Interested in Oil / Biofuel crop cultivation? No, matter, whether you have got access to small scale or large scale castor seed oil production project, Now you have easy access to plant world’s most high productivity oil crop AGF HYBRID CASTOR SEEDS.
Suitable to grown on degraded marginal land and on land not fit for food crops with minimum rainfall requirement.
Fast & High Returns in Short period of Six to Seven months from current non productive lands.
Suitable for TWO cropping per year
High Seed Yielding Potential: 7000 Kilograms per hectare
Oil Content: Seed contains minimum of 50% oil
Castor oil is one of the most useful and economically important natural plant oils used in more than 700 Industries.
A promising quick high oil yielding, non-edible oil crop for Biofuel production & renewable energy
Seed Requirement for Planting:
Under IRRIGATED Cultivation: 4 to 6 Kilograms per hectare
Under RAINFED Cultivation: 7 to 10 Kilograms per hectare
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